Mengly Hernandez is an artist and designer whose desire to create sculptures originates in an obsession with materiality and its textures. Repetition becomes a meditation through which she explores and mends traumatic memories. Striking in their form and color, each piece evokes both a sense of electricity as well as tranquility. Utilizing repetition as a foundation of her work, Hernandez produces line drawings and fiber sculptures that require many hours and at times, months to complete. Her fascination with all things woven have prompted her to delve into material study. An all immersive process, where she explores natural fibers from Ixtle to manmade nets and ropes. In addition, Hernandez works with different printmaking methods to create her own prints for her design company LINEA Germania.

She is currently researching fibers and textiles for the creation of sculptures and art installations.

Connecting with community holds a place of importance with Hernandez.