Simon Alcantara Odyssey Collection Jewerly Campaign. Cinematographer: Anna Lee Campbell Photographer & Set Design: Henry Lopez Model: Carla Prieto, Stylist: Mengly Hernandez Makeup and Hair: Griselle Rosario Art Direction, Design Direction and Jewelry: Simon Alcantara Casting: Oscar Montes De Oca, Photo Post Production: Maxmillion Rosario, Produced by Creative Collective Collab

 Close Your Eyes

Mengly Hernandez was the costume designer  for Close Your Eyes a short film by Sonia Malfa accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. 

 Bridge and Burn Winter 2012Photographed by:Monica Reyes Music: Greylag Styling by: Mengly Hernandez

A Life of The Night

Photographed by Kristiina Wilson Model Ilona Struzik Makeup Margina Dennis Styling by: Mengly Hernandez

Megg Film by: NigelHoSang Styling by:Mengly Hernandez