Photo by: Shanita Sims

Photo by: Shanita Sims

Linea Germania and its creator/designer Mengly Germania Hernandez are one, in the truest sense of symbiotic connection between two forces.  They are the highest mirrors of each other, evoking conscious love of and honoring art, the artist, and the artist's creation process.  One immediately senses this in her specific usage of pattern, color, precision of lines, and generous space for human imperfection.  Mengly's design journey has taken Linea Germania from passionate color splashes, to raw hand-blocking, to pristine polka dots, to self-sketch-inspired patterns, to firm fine lines...
The ever-evolving signature line of Mengly's scarves was perhaps most inspired by the influential presence of her grandmother, the most fashionable and elegant woman she has ever known.  Mengly's designs echo her passion for the strong female essence, appreciation for quirky fun, effortless New York City chic elegance, and her vibrant Caribbean roots in the Dominican Republic.


Mengly is a  represented by Stockland Martel and is member of  Creative Collective Col-Lab







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